Maria | Barrister

Before you met Nicole what were your main struggles when it came to your professional wardrobe?


So not just my professional wardrobe but in relation to my entire wardrobe, I didn't really have many options of items to wear.  I had lots of clothes but they just didn't really match anything and it was hard for me to put outfits together. I was also missing actual casual clothes so even for a relaxed lunch I would have nothing to wear but active wear!!


What have you gained from this experience and what positive outcomes has it had on your life? 


I now really understand the importance of having set go to pieces. I have outfits for casual occasions, I have outfits for work, and I have outfits for evening events.

I get so many compliments wherever I go now!!! I am now known for my fancy outfits. 


I also am wearing things that I would not really wear, especially colours, so for instance before my go to colour was pink (apparently I was wearing the wrong shade)  - now I’m in a new autumnal palette and I love it.  I am constantly looking at other peoples clothes and shoes now - I feel so inspired. 


Which session/sessions did you enjoy the best? 


I was mortified when Nicole was pulling out clothes from my wardrobe, but it isn't until you realise that something is rubbish that you then understand you need to throw it away!


Would you recommend Nicole? Why?


Absolutely. She understood what I needed straight away.  She has given me confidence in my look and made me understand the importance of quality pieces that will last for years. I hope to now just freshen up the wardrobe twice a year.

You cannot put a price on looking and feeling amazing!



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