Clare | Nutritionist

Before you met Nicole what were your main struggles when it came to your professional wardrobe?


I felt completely lost with what suited me, not only colours, but styles - I would see items on other people and would like them, but they often didn't work for me and I didnt understand why! My wardrobe was really outdated, I flitted between dressing like a teenager and dressing like a grandmother. Although I had a clear idea of what I liked, I didn't really understand personal style and what a huge difference that would make! My wardrobe was so stale and I kept buying the same things over and over again.


What have you gained from this experience and what positive outcomes has it had on your life? 


This experience has been truly transformative.


I've learnt alot about the colours that suit me, that styles I previously avoided (midi dress and bias cuts for example) I can wear and enjoy wearing. I needed a wardrobe that reflected my brand and the breadth of work I do, which I didn't feel was very easy to put together - hence feeling so lost before meeting Nicole! I also learnt about choosing sizing that really flattered me, I have always chosen more fitted options, and through this process learnt how chic, flattering  and classic oversized jackets, or less fitted shirts could be.


It has helped hugely with my confidence.  I recently had to present to a large group and was really nervous, I wore an outfit that Nicole had put together for me and it made a huge difference. I felt empowered, professional, capable and feminine in my appearance. I received compliments about my outfit too!


I think the other aspect of working with Nicole that I have learnt is to value myself, value investing in myself and how I look. Previously, especially with being self employed and trying to build up my own brand, I have felt guilty about spending on me. I now recognise this as an investment, partially in my business but also in my own wellbeing.


Would you recommend Nicole? Why?


Absolutely and there are so many reasons why!


Nicole herself has great style, just looking at her social media is inspiring and innovative.  She really works hard to understand what you need from your wardrobe, not only in terms of work and your social life, but also in terms of complexion, styles that resonate with you, what you love and what you dont!  She is really supportive, we had lots of back and forth in between sessions.  She is always kind and helpful when I reach out with queries.


She wasnt remotely pushy.  She understood that the process can be costly, but is an investment, I was far from one of her affluent clients and spent some time setting aside funds for this process. I was never made to feel awkward or uncomfortable about my financial constraints. 

It is an incredibly fun and exciting process, Nicole puts so much in to it! I am hoping be working with Nicole moving forward- I am keen to have smaller regular sessions with her, to keep slowly building up my wardrobe, style and outfitting!




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