Margaret | Lawyer

Before you met Nicole what were your main struggles when it came to your professional wardrobe?


My main problem was having a relatively large number of pieces, most of which did not coordinate with each other and were rather tired. I also had no real idea as to what styles or colours suited me. 


What have you gained from this experience and what positive outcomes has it had on your life?


I have worked with Nicole once before and she helped me firstly to edit my wardrobe and then to replace many of my Autumn/Winter pieces with ones that work together by means of a personal shopping trip. I have just had the pleasure of working with her again and she has done the same for my Spring/Summer clothes, this time due to circumstances I chose an internet shop. I now feel like I can open my wardrobe doors in the morning to find a coherent range of pieces, all in my colour palette and in keeping with my own personal style. This makes it much easier to decide what to wear each day.

Would you recommend Nicole? Why?


Nicole is fantastic. She made sure she understood what my lifestyle is like and what type of clothes are needed. She took the time to find out what style of clothing I am drawn to and then to pick pieces in keeping with that style. She did a colour analysis for me and showed me that many of my existing clothes were not really suited to my colouring - this led to me getting clothes in a range of colours I had never previously worn but which all coordinate beautifully with each other. Something I could never have achieved! I also decided to invest in some long-term classic but stylish garments under Nicole’s watchful eye. She has succeeded in transforming my wardrobe into a pleasurable place to go. I have used Nicole’s excellent services twice and am sure I will be back for a refresher when the time is right. I would thoroughly recommend her as she takes the time to listen to you and to help you achieve a really good result, with clothes that suit your colouring and lifestyle and that fit within your style ethos, rather than trying to impose her own.




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