Kate Pt.1 | Casting Director

Like so many women hitting middle age, I had lost my way. Clothes have always been my barometer and over the past 5 years my choices were no longer working. A friend of mine had already worked with Nicole and was raving about her. I was intrigued so set up a meeting. I immediately responded to Nicole. She is easy going, positive and incredibly knowledgable. I signed up immediately for the package. In for a penny ....


The initial visit was about my colours. I was rather sceptical about this but ended up being fascinated about how many of my choices of colour looked awful on me and colours I would never have considered left me looking glowing. I sat infront of a mirror with no make up and Nicole placed different hues of all the colours next to my skin and it was a revelation. We then went through my wardrobe and culled a lot for either charity, ebay or teenage daughter (I had been making those kind of mistakes ....) We refined my wardrobe with space saving hangers and suddenly I could see everything at a single glance. We then played around with what I had and how to mix and match. She presented me with some brilliant solutions that I would never have considered. I felt really empowered by this session and it was a lot of fun. The day of the big shop made me slightly anxious as I was worried that spending all day looking at my shape and trying different things on could possibly be rather dispiriting but it was anything but. Nicole had asked me to draw up a mood board of clothes, colours that appealed to me. By doing this and spending time with me sorting out my colours and my wardrobe she had brilliantly and magically absorbed the sort of person that I am. But Nicole also invested time in my character and that is what made the shopping day such a triumph. The day before Nicole went to all the shops and put things aside so all we had to do was go in and try them on. We went from Selfridges to Whistles, Gap, Jigsaw, Dries van Noten, Top Shop and others. She really used her skill and knowledge to track down just what I would like and I bought just about everything. Colours and cuts that I would never had previously considered I was wearing, I loved it. Spending the day with Nicole was a complete joy. Apart from having a new, fun, wearable wardrobe I also walked away from the day empowered and positive. This is what good clothes will do for you and this is the brilliance of what Nicole does. I am devoted to her advice now and won't consider doing a big shop without her. Autumn awaits !



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