S. L | New Business Owner

Before you met Nicole what were your main struggles when it came to your professional wardrobe?


I struggled with having cohesive outfits. My wardrobe was filled with random pieces that I may have liked but did not go with anything. I ended up always wearing the same safe stuff over and over again that also didn’t make me feel good such as tracksuits or jeans and a top. This definitely was not professional and I was often a bit embarrassed when I went to work but didn’t have any idea how to dress for the job. 


What have you gained from this experience and what positive outcomes has it had on your life? 


This experience truly helped me to see myself in a different light and to honour the value that I know I have in my working expertise by showing that I care and dressing for the job. My personal image was previously last on my list of important things in setting up my business, but I started to realise that if I didn’t value my presentation it gave the message that I wasn’t valuing myself. Having a professional, stylish wardrobe was like adding the icing to a very beautiful cake, it has made more difference than I could have anticipated. I didn’t realise how many of my clothes simply did not fit or were uncomfortable and that I wore out of habit and familiarity.   Having a capsule wardrobe that is comfortable, effortless and chic has inspired new levels of confidence.  I feel my clients are now seeing ME before my clothes which has made a huge difference in my mood and self-belief.  I really love getting dressed into clothes which look and feel amazing.   Investing in quality, well-made pieces that will last for a long time is a true game-changer. 


Would you recommend Nicole? Why?


Nicole has such a bright, light and positive energy about her. She is honest and clear with her opinions but she gave them with such warmth and confidence that it was impossible not to trust her judgement.  She has continued to support me in the days following with lots of recommendations and additional pieces, which I really appreciate as it’s helping me to think differently about my style and how to build upon the foundation we created.  I feel so lucky and grateful to have crossed paths with Nicole and I can’t wait for our next session for the Autumn/Winter wardrobe! She’s worth every penny.  Highly recommended. Thank you Nicole!!




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